Workout Calf

workout calf
workout calf
workout calf

The Calf is an often forgotten part of the body but it is as important to workout calf muscles, as the rest of your legs. 


The calf is the upper part of the lower leg, just below the knee. The muscels in the calf elevate the heel, which is needed for walking, runnin, jumping, etc.  The calves are made up of three muscles that work to flex the foot: the Soleus, Tibialis anterior and Gastrocnemius.

The Soleus is the biggest of the three and functions to flex the foot forward or down. The Tibialis anterior runs along the front of the lower leg next to the shinbone and the Gastronemius is a two headed muscle used for extending the ankles. 

The calf muscles can be exercised in many different ways, but the muscles tend to get very little attention and training unless you target them specifically. Calves are often the most difficult muscle group to develop, but although challenging, your calves will respond to training and grow just like any other muscle.


Workout Calf – Box Jumps
The box Jump is a functional exercise that gives you explosive strength in your calf and will create toning to your calf muscles.To do this exercise you need a box with the height suitable for your jumping skills. Start the exercise by standing on your feet and make sure your toes points to front of the box. Jump up to the box and land on  your entire feet. Repeat. 

Workout Calf – Calf raises
Start by standing with the balls of your feet on the edge of a box. Start with your heels low, about 2 inches below the box. Raise yourself up on your feet as high as you can come. Stop the motion and hold briefly. Lower yourself under control to repeat. 

Workout Calf – Sumo Jump Squat
This exercise also work the upper leg muscles, and is not only a workout calf routine. Start by getting yourself in a position for a normal squat. Then proeed by lower your body into the squat, moving the centre of gravity to the balls of your feet and toes as you do so. When you reach your lowest point, explode upward into a jump. Land on the balls of your feet and immediately move into another squat. Keep jumping in a good pace for 30 sec up to a minute. Repeat. 

Workout Calf – Balance Board
This exercise does not only workout calf, but it tones your calves musles and increase your balance simultanously. Start the exercise by placing the  balance board in front of you. Get on the board and try to balance yourself. Hold your balance for as long as possible. There are different kind of boards, some are  more challanging than others. Find one that gives you a challange keeping that balance of yours.

Workout Calf – Walk on tippy toes
Walking around on your tippy toes might not sound lika a huge exercise, but it is a good way to keep your calves overloaded. Try walking around at the gym, or at lunch time or – whenever you feel like it. Tippy toe walking really works, not for big muscle growth but it is a perfect way keeping the muscles in shape. It is your own bodyweight keeping you in shape!